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Dear Customer.

TOYSOLDIERS of Scandinavia is a company engaged in the sale and distribution of Miniature Military, such as metal figures, tanks, armed vehicles and diorama accessories.
TOYSOLDIERS of Scandinavia has existed for more than 8 years and ekspot the most of Europe and outside Europe.

Exclusive from TOYSOLDIERS of Scandinavia, we are proud to present probably the most exclusive, finest and largest series of the "Danish-Prussian war" in 1864 in metal miniature scale 1:30. The figures are made of proofs Surveyors educated on Asian art academies. The figures are provided in exclusive boxes.

King & Country Scala 1:30. Is one of the company's preferred series, an incredibly broad collection from "Life of Jesus" to the "Danish Life Guard" and many other interesting series.
The models are developed by top professional sculptors and paintes worldwide. Comes in exclusive boxes.
Exchange Rates: Since Toysoldiers of Scandinavia negotiates and buys King & Country in dollars, means that the prices can run on a regular basis, because the dollar often varies.

Diorama Accesesoreis; Large selection of accessories for your diorama, such as buildings, fortifications and senics.
We creates even dioramas, which are supplied complete and ready for you to put your collection on.
We also creates dioramas according to your wishes and goals.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at Tel. +45 40 40 23 44 or Mail. jbk@toysoldiers.dk.

We look forward to hear from you.

Best regards