Napoleon Bonaparte
Another study of the young General Bonaparte based on an original painting by famed military and historical artist Jean-Leon GEROME.
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Varenummer NE016 - King and Country
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Officer with Map Case

Officer with Map Case
"Where exactly are we?" Battlefields are busy and confusing places and in the "fog of war" it's very easy to get lost... This officer is double checking his position.
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Mounted Infantryman???

Mounted Infantryman???
This generally-proportioned soldier has decided to make use of a local donkey to carry him into battle…
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The Graffiti Artist

The Graffiti Artist
One more French infantryman cannot resist the impulse to leave his name on the "Ancient World"
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Palme Træ (21 cm. høj) Figurer og køretøj ikke inkl.

Palme Træ (21 cm. høj) Figurer og køretøj  ikke inkl.
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